Your job, if accepted, is to facilitate live performances, in the broadest sense.


This entails:

   - Securing and arranging performances
   - Negotiating deals
   - Arranging proper technical set-ups for shows
   - Securing hospitality (hotels, dinners)
   - Logistics (travel, flights)
   - Promotional efforts.

The agent will negotiate on until a deal is closed. During this period, an ‘option’ is held on with the date and time-slot for that promoter. 

Your job will make sure that each contract is signed long before the actual show and the collection of 50% deposits beforehand.

It’s your job to make sure this is agreed upon per contract and that the cash actually comes in on time.


Also, they communicate the technical requirements for the show with a document called a ‘technical rider’ and include hospitality and logistics in the contracts they sign with the promoter.